artevista films is a production company dedicated to making social change films with compelling, character-driven stories that open a space for transnational coalition-building.

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artevista FILMS is a film production company focused on documentary.

We are committed to telling compelling stories that lend subjectivity to individuals who have been historically disenfranchised or underrepresented in the mainstream media. With themes revolving around social justice issues, we are committed to ethical filmmaking, putting our films’ message into the very practice of our filmmaking. We build long-term relationships of collaboration, trust, and solidarity with our subjects.

Our goal is to foster international discussion around social justice issues and to open a space for transnational coalition-building. We hope that our films’ riveting stories and inspiring protagonists move viewers of all ages and nationalities to action.

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As a Los Angeles-based media arts activist, Kimberly Bautista developed her dedication to documentary film as an undergraduate at Pitzer College. Kimberly's previous work, both in activism and video, has taken place in California, Ecuador, Colombia, and Guatemala around immigrant, worker, refugee, and women's rights. Her work is informed by her bicultural identity – Colombian and Irish.

Various organizations have used Kimberly Bautista’s social change films to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for their cause, among them Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the UN Refugee Agency, Pitzer College (Claremont, Ca.) and Homework Enrichment, Reading Outreach (Ontario, Ca.). Guatemalan war survivor testimonies she filmed with lawyers from Cal Berkeley and the Myrna Mack Foundation were used in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Bautista created and directed an intercultural video pen-pal web exchange between young women in Quito, Ecuador and young Chicana women in Pomona, California. The project has lasted for over three years now and has culminated into a college prep opportunity for the participants.

She has received recognition and grants for her work, including the Princess Grace Award, the Kallick Community Service Award, the Center for California Cultural and Social Issues Award, and the Hostelling International USA Travel Grant for young artists.

Kimberly Bautista holds an MA in Social Documentation from UCSC for film production. She is currently working as an Associate Producer and an Assistant Director on various documentary-based TV projects in the Los Angeles area.


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